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Our firm’s Elder Law speciality focuses on helping families and individuals respond to the challenges presented by long life, illness and disability.  Elder law services help individuals and families respond to a variety of issues, including: Long-term care and nursing home care; Asset protection planning;  Managed care and payment for health care; Retirement income planning; Disability planning; Housing options, such as assisted-living and residential homes for the aged; Financial and health care decision-making through the use of durable Powers of Attorney; End-of-life decision-making through the use of Living Wills; Wills and Probate.

While the Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand area has become one of the most sought after retirement venues in Asia, the influx and of persons in this age population has created a vital need for a focus on Elder Law practice.  Our firm, made up of long term Expat lawyers living in Thailand, and locally licensed Thai lawyers, have been both aware of this need and eager to assist this growing, and often vulnerable population.  We also understand that Elder Law practice is much more than the simple practice of law but has many additional components and social support factors involved.  Unlike what has been viewed as a more “traditional” practice of law, our firm prides itself on the providing of a care, compassionate, patient and client centered lawyering practice whereby the needs and empowerment of our clients are our main focus.


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